This is a site for sharing resources for the healthcare simulation centres in the South London area. As a group we are bound by an ethos of excellence and a code of conduct which promotes inter-professional learning through mutual respect.

We maintain standards by transparency and peer review

********* Quality Assurance News **********

Become a peer reviewer or arrange for your course to be reviewed

If your interested in becoming a peer reviewer please consult our FAQs and Peer Reviewer Training Presentation and then contact SaIL at GSTT on Jamie.Smith@gstt.nhs.uk

Please be prepared to provide us with the following: your name, email adr and mobile contact no, your simulation background / experience.

September 2015: A poster presentation was made at SESAM 2015 and repeated at the inaugural KHP simulation conference September 2015. SESAM Poster QA FINAL

November 2015: The SLSN documents were shared with ASPiH whom are developing national quality standards for Simulation Based Education (SBE). A special interest group has been established to support this work and the SLSN are represented at this national group via colette.laws-chapman@gstt.nhs.uk. The consultation document can be downloaded http://www.aspih.org.uk/aspih/guidelines/consultation/

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