Evaluation Models

Here is an interesting paper on evaluation models : Sridharan (2010) Evaluation – copie

Video links:   x4 7 minute videos by Roy Pauson:

Realist evaluation Part 1 – key principles (7 minutes) introduces the key elements of realist evaluation – https://vimeo.com/84216696

Realist evaluation Part 2 – tackling complexity (9 minutes) looks at how realist evaluation helps to address complexity in social programmes.http://vimeo.com/84386879

Realist evaluation Part 3 – types of evidence (8 minutes) looks at how the method makes use of evidence and the value of a multi-method approach. http://vimeo.com/84227829

Realist evaluation Part 4 – cumulative learning and scientific method (7.5 minutes) looks at how evaluation can better contribute to cumulative learning and employ ‘scientific’ methods. http://vimeo.com/84228311

The Introductory Resources list (which includes links to the videos) is on the publicly accessible part of a ning site on bioethics: http://e-mops.ning.com/page/realist-evaluation-introductory-resources