Quality Assurance


Quality Assurance Framework

The quality assurance (QA) framework for the South London Simulation Network (SLSN) has been developed for use by all simulation centres within the SLSN. The QA project formed part of the 2014/2015 ‘Improving Patient Safety through Simulation and a Quality Assurance Cascade System’ Health Education South London (HESL) bid.
The framework is intended as a quality assurance process to enable us to learn from best simulation practices including course delivery, course design and operational and governance processes.
It is designed to support the development of the SLSN and is a peer led review process which is voluntary on the part of both the centres and peer reviewers.

The full SLSN Quality Assurance framework is available in this link SLSN QA Framework

• Annual Peer Reviewer Observation Form – Appendix B
• Annual Peer Review Summary Report Form – Appendix C
• Biennial Quality Assurance and Governance Review Form – Appendix D
• Day to Day Quality Assurance Course Debrief Form – Appendix E

How has the quality assurance process been developed?

Stages in development of the QA process:
Stage 1: Literature Review
Stage 2: Development of QA Framework & QA Tool & pilot
Stage 3: Phase 1: Peer Review Visits and QA Update
Stage 3: Phase 2: Review of QA tool and QA process at QA subgroup meeting (May).
Stage 4: Biennial Reviews and embedding the framework

Becoming a Quality Assurance Peer Reviewer for SLSN

If your interested in becoming a peer reviewer please consult our FAQs and Peer Reviewer Training Presentation and then contact SaIL at GSTT on Jamie.Smith@gstt.nhs.uk

Please be prepared to provide us with the following: your name, email adr and mobile contact no, your simulation background / experience.

Arranging for your course to have a QA Peer Review
This is currently a voluntary peer review process.
Simulation centres throughout the network may volunteer courses that they would like to be peer reviewed that are well established, new and maybe skills or simulation based courses. They can be part of a suite of courses or a stand alone session.
If you would like to have your course peer reviewed by a member of the SLSN please contact SaIL at GSTT on Jamie.Smith@gstt.nhs.uk

Please be prepared to provide us with the following: your name, email adr and mobile contact no, the course title, dates it is running and the venue.

Quality Assurance News
September 2015: A poster presentation was made at SESAM 2015 and repeated at the inaugural KHP simulation conference September 2015. SESAM Poster QA FINAL
November 2015: The SLSN documents were shared with ASPiH whom are developing national quality standards for Simulation Based Education (SBE). A special interest group has been established to support this work and the SLSN are represented at this national group via colette.laws-chapman@gstt.nhs.uk. The consultation document can be downloaded http://www.aspih.org.uk/aspih/guidelines/consultation/