By Dr Jenny Roycroft – Simulation Fellow@ Guy’s & St.Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust

I would like to propose the following ideas for the SFCE Group within the SLSN:

1) Formalise the SLSN Simulation Fellow and Clinical Educator (SFCE) Group.
This would be an informal group within the SLSN. Those eligible to join group would be all present and previous simulation fellows and clinical educators in all of the simulation centres in the SLSN. We would ask all centres to provide contact details for all their fellows and clinical educators and we would formally invite all of them to be part of the group. We would also invite any “past” fellows and clinical educators.

2) The group will be chaired by 1 past simulation fellow and 1 present clinical educator– each term would be held for 12 months (although ?for longer for clinical educator)
I am keen to invite Libby Thomas to be the first past fellow to chair the group. I would chair the inaugural year of the SFCE group. However, in the future, candidates would put themselves forward or be nominated by peers for the positions at the annual general meeting (AGM). Their role would last 12 months until the next AGM.

3) We would have a link on the SLSN website – which takes us to the Simulation Fellow and Clinical Educator webpage.
This would provide a variety of information:
– Discussion forum e.g. requests for info/help/equipment/ideas, flag up interesting meetings or educational sources or journal articles.
– Forum for research collaboration – to share ideas and projects to encourage collaboration between centres and increase the ability to have multi centred research projects etc.
– Peer review system – fellows and clinical educators could peer review each other’s work if writing papers for publication or conferences. A formative and reciprocal process.
– Basic reading list – basics of simulation e.g. the big review articles as well as things people have found and liked; stuff that has been published in the network so we can cite each other.
– Network journal club It could also be used to organise a network journal club with fellows and educators proposing different papers and then uploading the chosen paper to be read and discussed.
– Faculty development – The webpage could be used to assist with faculty development e.g. advertise upcoming courses and faculty meetings to get people to sign up to things via this. This could be used for the QA peer review project.
– Information Resource – The website would provide information for “future” fellows and clinical educators – What is a simulation fellowship? Details of up-coming simulation posts in each centre. Links to job applications. Testimonies and advice from past and present fellows. FAQs.
– Contact details and profiles – provided for all the fellows and clinical educators in the network so future fellows etc can contact them or we can contact each other. Therefore some pages would therefore need to be open access and others available only to members of the group – ?logins and passwords.
– Conference information – What are the conferences? Who is planning on going to any of them? Aid with accommodation, travelling etc. Joint submissions or abstracts etc.

4) There would be an annual general meeting (AGM) of all past and present fellows and clinical educators with future (already given job offer) fellows welcome.
Maybe around July time before most fellows etc change over. This would consist of a speaker giving a relevant lecture on simulation etc followed by a social drinks event/dinner. The reason for this meeting would be to network and share information on an informal platform. It would also be when new chairpersons would be nominated with outgoing chairpersons stepping down. One idea for the first lecture would be “After your simulation fellowship….what next?” – How to take things forward once your fellowship year is over?

5) There would be 3-4 monthly meetings – e.g. first week Feb or March, July and Sept or Oct maybe to coincide with the SLSN meeting or prior to the larger simulation conferences? Idea is to build the meetings around other meetings. These meetings would be combined with drinks/social occasion to encourage friendships and collaboration.

6) The SLSN Simulation Fellow and Clinical Educator Group to attend the SLSN annual conference
This would be used as a platform for all fellows and clinical educators to showcase their work within the region. It would be interesting to invite senior fellows or simulation leads from different places/networks e.g. Oxford, Liverpool, Brighton to come and give their perspectives on the way they do things. Maybe also have a workshop for simulation fellows on “making the most of your fellowship year”. This could also be built into a platform for ASPiH or other conferences.

7) Funding and Group Maintenance
The aim would be that the group would be self funding in the future through a small membership fee if feasible and agreed. The responsibility for maintaining the website and the group would be the chairpersons and any other positions that develop within the group e.g. Secretary etc. The responsibilities would occur “extracurricularly” to individual’s fellowships and clinical educator roles.


For more details and information please contact Jennifer on jennifer.roycroft@gstt.nhs.uk or fill in the enquiry form below.



1 Response to SFCE

  1. 1970nrg says:

    TESTING 1 – Great idea Jennifer and i agree with the terms & conditions.


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